Team Leggett

Team Leggett

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monster Skype with Leman Manhattan Prepatory School

We had a Skype with two second grade classes at Le'man Manhattan Prepatory School in New York City on Oct. 28. The students had to draw monster, then write specific details on how to draw it. We exchanged the details and how to draw a monster from the directions. Students compared their original monster to the one the class wrote. We spoke about what was good about the writing and what could have been better. This helped us improve our descriptive writing and technical writing.

Oct. 27 - Mystery Skype with Mrs. Burn's Class Duxbury, MA

On Monday, we had a wonderful Mystery Skype with Mrs. Jen Burn's class in Duxbury, Massachusetts. We learned much more about Massachusetts.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Mystery Skype with Mr. Maffei's Class in Norwood, Massachusetts

Today, Oct. 17, we had a Mystery Skype with Mr. Maffei's Class in Norwood, Massachusetts. We learned a lot of valuable information. Thank you!

Mystery Skype with Mrs. Brown's class in Indianapolis, Indiana

Thank you to Mrs. Brown's class in Indianapolis, Indiana for our Mystery Skype on Wednesday. The students loved it!

Shawnee Past to Present Project

Students recently completed their Shawnee movies. Students researched Shawnee, came up with interview questions, interviewed and filmed individuals in Shawnee on our community walk, completed an act of kindness for our Pay it Forward project and turned their research and writing into a movie. Here is a link to the completed website.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hungary Skype

We recently had a Skype with Mrs. Dondi's class in Hungary. Students came at 7:30 am because of the time difference. It was a wonderful experience. We really learned a lot.

Birthday Party Math Project

As part of a math extension for addition and subtraction, some students planned a birthday party. They had to make a budget, research items for a party, make a table, show all their work, write a paragraph explaining why they made the party the way they did, then come up with a way to present their party. The students did a wonderful job. Here are their videos.