Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Monday, March 25, 2013

Curriculum Update March 25-29

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing break. Your child received a math playbook today. They should be studying it each night to review math terms they will see on their math assessment. The third grade math assessments will be April 2-4.

Reading: We will continuing to learn about economics through reading. The students will work scarcity, credit worth, goods and services, and scarcity. They will create arguments using video and texts we are analyzing as evidence.

Spelling: There is no spelling this week.

Writing: We will begin studying different forms of poetry.

Math: We will be studying for our math assessments next week. Students will be switching classes, reviewing concepts each day.

Science: We will be studying sound and how it works.

SS: We will culminate our economics unit this week with a lemonade stand for 1st and 2nd grade.
Have a fantastic week!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Force and Motion Unit

The students have been learning about force and motion. They built their own airplanes to study friction, speed, and distance. They raced their airplanes. Next, they studied more about how angles and height play a role in the speed of motion by building their own ramps for their cars. Students were able to change the height and angle of their ramp to try to get their car to travel a farther distance. After that, the students tested flying disks outside. They tried to determine how much force they would need and what height they should throw it at to have most motion. After that, they used bouncy balls to see how much force they would need to get their ball in a cup.

Please see our photos below.

Curriculum Update March 11-14

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Thank you for all of your help in preparing your child for the reading assessments. They did a wonderful job. This week, please look for a preliminary score to come home in your child's Monday folder. If you haven't had a chance to complete your published book order, it must be turned in by Tuesday. Please remember I need the form sign even if you aren't purchasing a copy. We are going to learn more about fractions through pizza on Thursday. Please send in $2 per slice of pizza by Wednesday.

Reading: We are going to learn about the history of Milton Hershey this week. We will be doing a closed reading economics lesson all week.

List 1: avoid, choice, destroy, newsboy, oily, point, royal, ointment, annoy, soil
List 2: turquoise, porpoise, moisture, loyalty, topsoil, oyster, soybean, poisonous, newsboy, turmoil
List 3: (re: again, back) recheck, reclosable, reelect, refund, reimburse, remember, renew, repeat, respond, revive

Writing: We will complete our autobiographies this week. Students will also write an essay about being an entrepreneur.

Math: We will complete topic 9 this week. We will do a lesson problem solving, review fractions and take the topic 9 test on Wednesday.

Science: We will complete our force and motion unit this week by building and testing roller coasters.

SS: We will continue our economics unit this week. Students will be learning about entrepreneurship, goods, services, consumers, profit, expenses and being credit worthy.

Please remember there is no school on Friday. Have a fantastic week and an enjoyable Spring Break!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Good luck on assessments!!!

Thank you for taking the time to send encouraging words to your children. They were all smiles, surprised and excited reading all of them before the assessment. Here is the link to the page. We had 100% parent participation, THANK YOU!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Curriculum Update March 4-8

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. It was nice to see the sun out. Hopefully we are finished with the snow.

This week, the children will be taking the Kansas Reading Assessment. They will take it Tuesday-Thursday at 9:00 am each day. It is important your child gets plenty of rest each night and has a healthy breakfast each morning.

On Monday, you will receive information about your child's published book. It is important you complete the signed form. The form has to be signed even if you aren't going to purchase an additional copy.

Reading: On Monday, we will have our Reading Superbowl. We will take our reading assessments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, we will begin out novels.

Spelling: Due to the reading assessments, there will be NO spelling this week.

Writing: We will continue our autobiography published books this week.

Math: We will continue topic 9 this week. We will be working on fractions as sets, fractional parts of a set, locating fractions on the number line, benchmark fractions, and fractions and length.

Science: We will continue our force and motion unit. This week, the students are learning about speed and distance through their flying airplane investigation. They will also study friction with their car investigation.

SS: We will begin a unit on economics this week. The students will learn about wants and needs.

Have a fantastic week!