Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Student Created Video Games!!!

The students created their own video game to work on creativity in problem solving along with using reading skills in math. Students had to summarize their game and play another student's game.  They then had to write and evaluation. They had to create at least three levels and then had to write about their game in Kid Blog. Here are links to play each child's game.  Good luck playing them!

Nick-The Hot
Lake-The Masters
Libby-The Fun
Dutch-The Impossible Game
Austyne-The Night of the Samurai
John-Bad Day
Sabrina-Sabrina's Game
Ellie-Ellie Reese
Ben-Escape from the Town
Brady-Night of the Tunnels
Josie-Monsters are Coming Soon
Ava-Be Aware of the Bad Guys
Alexa-Alexa's Game
Emily-Not as Easy as Cake

Here is a link to the KidBlog of each student blogging about their game.

Here is the evaluation of other students' games:

Class Election

The past couple of weeks, we have been studying government.  Students learned about rights versus responsibility, what defines a citizen, the roles of the three branches of government, elections and how laws are passed.  For the students to better understand the process, we had an election for class president.  Students were nominated by their peers.  Once the candidates were decided, students were broken into campaign teams.  Students campaigned for a week and the election was held on November 25.  Congratulations to Josie Taylor, Class President, Nick Mason, Vice President and Class Representatives, Dace Riddle and John Lehan.

Class Representative, John Lehan, Vice President, Nick Mason, Class Representative, Dace Riddle and Class President, Josie Taylor

Pay it Forward Continues

We continued our class "Pay it Forward" campaign.  For Veteran's Day, the kids learned about the true meaning of a veteran.  They then made cards and brought in magazines, coffee, chapstick, razors and crossword puzzles.  Everything was delivered to the Kansas City VA Medical Center.  They were happy to receive the donations and cards from the students.

The students brought in a lot of Halloween candy for the soldiers.  We were able to fill two large boxes.  They also wrote letters.  We purchased beanie babies for the soldiers to disburse to kids.  In addition, we sent USA magnets for the soldiers.  Everything was sent to Operation Gratitude.

We made Thanksgiving cards and wreaths for the residents at Villa St. Francis nursing facility in Olathe.  The residents were so excited to receive the gifts for Thanksgiving.  There were many smiles and the facility management was extremely appreciative of how generous the kids were.

Students were filling the box for veterans

The students created wreaths and cards for the residents at Villa St. Francis.

The students sorted through candy and beanie babies to send to soldiers, along with their letters and USA magnets.

Students discuss the Pay it Forward project.

Ellie, MVP

Ellie was a wonderful MVP and very deserving.  She is a great friend and is always respectful.  Ellie loves to dance.  Although she appears quiet, she can sometimes surprise you with singing and dancing.  Ellie is very kind to everyone in class.  She is just a wonderful person!

By Team Leggett Publicists: Emily Gipson & Nick Mason

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Curriculum Update November 28-December 2

Curriculum Update November 28-December 2
I hope that everyone has a relaxing Thanksgiving break with family and friends.  Here is our curriculum update for the week.
enVision Math
We will continue our domain of two-dimensional shapes and their attributes.  This week we will focus on quadrilaterals, combining and separating shapes, making new shapes, solving a simpler problem with problem solving, and making and testing generalizations.

Rigby Reading
We will skip to Theme 16 where we will focus on recycle and renew. This will coincide with what we will be studying in Social Studies.  The comprehension strategy is determining importance: purpose for reading.  We will also work on decoding and word-analysis, along with fix-up strategies.

SpellingThe Rigby Spelling list will focus on consonant doubling and syllables.  The Rigby words are can, cook, find, your, bragger, dimmed, splitting, tripped, and transferred.  The extension list is phobia, which means fear of.  The extension words are ailurophobia, arachnophobia, acrophobia, graphophobia, hemophobia, hydrophobia, ornithophobia, photophobia, xenophobia, and zoophobia. 

We will begin a unit on recycling and pollution.

Social StudiesWe will begin a unit on inventions.

We will continue to work on our USA Leggett Today newspaper articles.

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Posing with Autographed Wayne Simien Photos

The class received signed pictures from former Miami Heat & KU Jayhawk, Wayne Simien.

Amanda MVP

We have learned a lot about Amanda this week.  She had an awesome MVP week and is really cool.  She shared her baseballs with us and gave us tips about excuses for forgetting homework.  Amanda is really good at taekwondo.  She has broken a lot of boards with her bare hands.  Amanda is a great friend and is very deserving of Team Leggett MVP!

By Team Leggett Publicists: Emily & Nick

Forming a Cloud in Science

We learned about clouds this week in weather.  The kids learned that the three most important things needed to be present to form a cloud are moisture, cooling air and condensation nuclei.  With the use of a rubber glove, matches, jar, water, lamp, and a rubber band, they were able to see water vapor form as the water heated under the lamp.  When the jar was swirled, water molecules were able to be moved into the air.

Students took turns putting their hand inside the glove, which increased the air pressure.  The air became more dense as the molecules crowded together. This also caused the air to heat up as molecules collided with each other more often.

Descriptive Writing with Oobleck

We created oobleck in class to work on descriptive writing.  Oobleck was a name given to a type of slime in a Dr. Seuss book that was capable of gumming up a whole kingdom.  The kids were able to learn about the interesting parts of liquids and solids.  Oobleck behaved like a liquid jelly, but squeezed like a solid.  Afterwards, the kids created descriptive writing pieces about the oobleck.

Country Mouse, City Mouse VIdeo Rotation Schedule

The Mill Valley High School students recently completed our class movie, Country Mouse, City Mouse.  A schedule has been created for you to view the movie and copy it if you would like.  If you receive a copy from a friend ahead of time, please let me know so that I can take you off of the video rotation schedule.

Video Rotation:
November 11 – 14 – Brady
November 14 – 17 –Jake
November 18 – 21 – Emily
November 21 – 28 – Kenzie
November 28 – December  1 – Sabrina
December 2 – 5 – Austyne
December 5 – 8 – John
December 9 – 12 – Alexa
December 12 – 15 – Nick
January 6 – 9 – Jackson
January 9 – 12 – Dutch
January 13 – 17 - Ellie
January 17 – 19 – Amanda
January 20 – 22 – Dace
January 23 – 26 – Abigail
January 27-30- Libby
January 30-February 3- Josie
February 3- 6- Ava
February 6-10- Adam
February 10-13- Ben
February 13-17-Lake

Curriculum November 14-18

Curriculum November 14-18

I hope that everyone had a wonderful week.  If possible, we need the following items for our veteran's care package by Friday, November 11.  Thanks!
  • Magazines (3 months old and newer)
  • Coffee
  • Puzzle books
  • Chap stick
  • Disposable razors
  • New socks, underwear, t-shirts

enVision Math
We will be taking the Topic 6 test on Monday.  We will begin Topic 11 on Tuesday with a focus on two-dimensional shapes and their attributes.  The topics for the week will be lines and line segments, angles, polygons, and triangles.

Rigby Reading
We will continue Theme 6 "Roads to Travel".  The comprehension focus skills will be creating images and reviewing monitor understanding. 

The Rigby Spelling list will focus on silent consonants b, g, and gh.  The Rigby words are anything, think, us, way, subtle, debt, design, gnat, sleigh, and reign.  The extension list is sub, which means under.  The words are subconscious, subcutaneous, subdue, subfreezing, subirrigate, subject, submarine, submerge, subordinate and subway.

We completed a focus on weather.

Social Studies
We will begin a unit on the government learning about the different branches and roles of government leaders.  The students will simulate the different branches so that they can better understand each branch.  We also will begin a campaign for class president.

We have began looking at newspapers.  The kids will be broken into groups to begin their class newspaper.

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Weather Pics

We learned about tornadoes and snow in science this week.  The kids created their own snow and tornadoes so that they could get a better understanding of each of them.

Curriculum November 7-11

Curriculum November 7-11

Thank you to everyone that sent in candy for the troops.  It is greatly appreciated.  It is not too late.  The kids will be writing letters this week to include with the candy and beanie babies. 
On Monday, please look for a new program that third grade is sponsoring called Cool the Earth.  It is a program where the kids will take an initiative towards helping the earth.  The students will come home with a coupon book.  They only need to complete a task one time to bring the coupon in.  The pledge is for them to try to continue it, but not anything they will need to keep track of. 
enVision Math
We will be continuing multiplication.  We wil work on multiplying with 3 factors, multiplication facts, multiplying to find combinations, and reviewing Topic 6.

Rigby Reading
We will begin Theme 6 "Roads to Travel".  The comprehension focus skills will be creating images and reviewing monitor understanding. 

The Rigby Spelling list will focus on silent consonants w, h, b, g, and gh.  The Rigby words are room, same, saw, that's, comb, honest, limb, numb, wrist, and tomb.  The extension list focus is contra, counter (against, opposite).  The extensions words are contraband, contradict, contrarian, contrary, contrast, counterbalance, counterclockwise, counterexample, counterfeit, counterintuitive.

We will continue learning about weather with a focus on clouds and precipitation.

Social Studies
We will begin a unit on the government learning about the different branches and roles of government leaders.  The students will simulate the different branches so that they can better understand each branch,

We end our descriptive writing on Monday and begin focusing on Expository writing.  The kids will begin their own classroom newspaper.

Have a wonderful week!

Dace, Team Leggett MVP

Dace, you are so awesome and you are cool too!  Dace loves pizza.  He is an amazing soccer player and loves to play it whenever he has a free opportunity.  His favorite color is orange.  We bet you must love pumpkins, Dace!  He is a great friend and just a wonderful person to have in class. Go Dace!!!
By Team Leggett Publicists: Alexa & Josie

Pumpkin Math

In math, we used pumpkins to estimate weight, height and the number of seeds in a pumpkin.  They also related the weight of their pumpkin to things throughout the school.  After taking out the seeds, the kids counted them and then found the min, max, range, median, and range.  We had a total of 1,522 seeds in four two lb. pumpkins.  The kids used the cooked pumpkin seeds the next day to better understand how the distributive property works.  In the end, they finally had some pumpkin seeds that they could eat!

Halloween Party

A special thank you to Lisa VanInwegen and Emily Gipson for running the Halloween party.  Also, thank you to everyone for sending in items to make the party a success.  The kids really had a good time. Thanks!

Abby, Team Leggett MVP

Abby is one of the nicest people I know. She is caring and friendly to everybody.  She loves dogs and cats.  She has two dogs named Willie and Fergie.  This has been one of the most fun MVPs we have ever done.  Abby is just a loving and caring person.  She is someone that you can trust!!!
By Team Leggett Publicists: Dace & Alexa

Tourism Day

Tourism Day was a success. The kids created maps out of playdough and then displayed them with other information about their statement.  They each did a great job and were definitely experts on their state!