Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Student Created Video Games!!!

The students created their own video game to work on creativity in problem solving along with using reading skills in math. Students had to summarize their game and play another student's game.  They then had to write and evaluation. They had to create at least three levels and then had to write about their game in Kid Blog. Here are links to play each child's game.  Good luck playing them!

Nick-The Hot
Lake-The Masters
Libby-The Fun
Dutch-The Impossible Game
Austyne-The Night of the Samurai
John-Bad Day
Sabrina-Sabrina's Game
Ellie-Ellie Reese
Ben-Escape from the Town
Brady-Night of the Tunnels
Josie-Monsters are Coming Soon
Ava-Be Aware of the Bad Guys
Alexa-Alexa's Game
Emily-Not as Easy as Cake

Here is a link to the KidBlog of each student blogging about their game.

Here is the evaluation of other students' games:

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