Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Curriculum Update December 5-9

I hope that everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.  Please don't forget that the third grade music program is on Thursday.  Our winter party will be December 15 at 3:00.  Thank you to Becky Gipson for organizing our party.  Look for more information to come. 
Also, the Ron Wimmer USD 232 Fund fundraiser will continue this week.  For $1, your child will be able to purchase a tattoo.  For $2, they will purchase a tattoo and raffle ticket.  For $5, they will purchase a tattoo, raffle ticket and a question and answer session with KU Linebacker, Steven Johnson.
enVision Math
Last week, we took a short walk to identify geometric shapes, lines and angles in the real world.  The kids took pictures and made video recordings.  Look for the videos and pictures soon. 
We will continue our domain of two-dimensional shapes and their attributes.  This week we will will focus on solving a simpler problem and making and testing generalizations.  We will take our Topic 11 test on Thursday.

Rigby Reading
We will skip to Theme 16 where we will focus on recycle and renew. This will coincide with what we will be studying in Social Studies.  The comprehension strategy is determining importance: purpose for reading.  We will also work on decoding and word-analysis, along with fix-up strategies.

The Rigby Spelling list will focus on syllables.  The Rigby words are that, this, which, with, window, tractor, napkin, basket, idea and typical.  The extension list focus is ian, or which means a person who.  The words are centenarian, dictator, governor, inventor, juror, legislator, librarian, octogenarian, translator, veterinarian.

We will continue to focus on recycle, reduce, reuse and pollution.
Social Studies
We began an unit on inventors.  The students worked in groups of four to study different inventors.  This week we will focus on the top ten inventions and inventions in our homes.
We will continue to work on our USA Leggett Today newspaper articles.  We close to finishing our first edition of our class newspaper.
Last week, we wrote our pen pals in Kentucky back.  This week, we will write to our pen pals in California.
Have a wonderful week!

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