Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Math Tie Die Project

We have been working on geometric shapes, lines, and angles in math. The kids created their own tie dye bandannas. Afterwards, they discussed with partners what types of shapes, lines, and angles they saw in their bandanna. Finally, they wrote a creative writing story about their land of tie dye.

Valentine's Day Party

A special thank you to Mrs. Shrader and Mrs. Butler for organizing the Valentine's Day party. Thank you to Mr & Mrs. Griffith, Mrs. Phipps and Mrs. Clark for also helping out with the party. Thank you to everyone for sending in supplies for the party. The kids had a lot of fun!

Curriculum Update February 19-22

Thank you for taking the time to attend your child's conference. It was wonderful meeting with each of you and discussing all the wonderful things your child has been doing. We are beginning to move towards our reading state assessments. They are March 5-7. Your child should be reviewing their reading playbook each night.

They also can practice their terms at

The library is in need of donations for the Suess Cafe. They need any size donation of Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Colors by March 1. Thank you in advance for considering to help out with the Suess Cafe.

Reading: We will begin Theme 5 "Times Have Changed: How does life in the past compare with life in the present?" The comprehension strategy is monitor understanding. This is doing things such as asking questions, rereading, reading on, visualizing to comprehend what has been read. In Cougar Reading, we will be working on retelling a story. The vocabulary words are: diversity, languages, neighboring, settlement, territory

Spelling: The spelling words for this week are the following: (ou and ow)
List 1: allow, eyebrow, flower, growl, outdoor, proud, towel, mouse, round, howl
List 2: overflow, mountain, country, bowling, ounce, pouch, scout, couch, howl, spout
List 3: (mis-wrong/bad) misbehave, mischievous, miserable, misfortune, misjudge, mislead, misspell, mistake, mistreat, misunderstand

Writing: We will begin our autobiographies for our published books we will be sending to Ethiopia libraries. The students will begin filling out a rough draft packet.

Math: We will be finishing Topic 11 this week. The students will be making and testing generalizations on Tuesday, having a test review on Wednesday and taking the Topic 11 test on Thursday.

Science: We will begin a unit on force and motion. This week, the students are learning about friction, motion, force (push or pull), gravity and inertia.

SS: We will begin a unit on economics this week. The students will learn about wants and needs.

Have a fantastic week!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Geometric Shapes, Lines and Angles in the Real World

We have been studying geometric shapes, lines and angles in math. The students walked through the neighborhood looking for ways they were used in real-world settings.

International Festival

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Curriculum Update February 11-13

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Thank you to everyone for ensuring your child was prepared for the International Festival. Thank you for sending in all the delicious food. Please remember Tuesday we are going to the Kauffman Center. Please send a sack lunch in with your child.
Wednesday and Thursday are student-led conferences. It is important your child comes to the conference. If you have forgotten your time, please let me know. There is no school on Thursday, Friday or Monday.

The Valentine's Day party is on Tuesday at 3:00 pm.  Thank you for sending in items for our party.

We will continue Theme 10, "Money Matters". We are focusing on identifying the author's purpose. (P-persuade, I-inform, E-entertain) of the story. We are continuing to ask questions and compare/contrast information. The vocabulary focus is fee, invest, personal, borrow, and budget.
Due to the short week, there is no spelling this week. We will take the pretest this Wednesday. Please look for a new list to come home with your on Wednesday.
We will begin our autobiographies for our published books we will be sending to Ethiopia libraries. The students will begin filling out a rough draft packet.
We will continue with Topic 11. The students will combine and separate shapes, make new shapes and use problem solving to solve a simpler problem.
We will complete our country podcasts this week.

I look forward to seeing you at conferences on Wednesday and Thursday. Have a fantastic week!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pay it Forward-Holiday

The students created wreaths and cards for the Good Samiritan Nursing Home residents in Olathe, KS