Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Friday, November 4, 2011

Curriculum November 7-11

Curriculum November 7-11

Thank you to everyone that sent in candy for the troops.  It is greatly appreciated.  It is not too late.  The kids will be writing letters this week to include with the candy and beanie babies. 
On Monday, please look for a new program that third grade is sponsoring called Cool the Earth.  It is a program where the kids will take an initiative towards helping the earth.  The students will come home with a coupon book.  They only need to complete a task one time to bring the coupon in.  The pledge is for them to try to continue it, but not anything they will need to keep track of. 
enVision Math
We will be continuing multiplication.  We wil work on multiplying with 3 factors, multiplication facts, multiplying to find combinations, and reviewing Topic 6.

Rigby Reading
We will begin Theme 6 "Roads to Travel".  The comprehension focus skills will be creating images and reviewing monitor understanding. 

The Rigby Spelling list will focus on silent consonants w, h, b, g, and gh.  The Rigby words are room, same, saw, that's, comb, honest, limb, numb, wrist, and tomb.  The extension list focus is contra, counter (against, opposite).  The extensions words are contraband, contradict, contrarian, contrary, contrast, counterbalance, counterclockwise, counterexample, counterfeit, counterintuitive.

We will continue learning about weather with a focus on clouds and precipitation.

Social Studies
We will begin a unit on the government learning about the different branches and roles of government leaders.  The students will simulate the different branches so that they can better understand each branch,

We end our descriptive writing on Monday and begin focusing on Expository writing.  The kids will begin their own classroom newspaper.

Have a wonderful week!

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