Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Friday, March 9, 2012

Curriculum Update March 12-16

I hope everyone has a wonderful spring break! Enjoy the break. I can't believe we are already beginning fourth quarter. The year has really flown by!

Just a reminder, Monday is crazy socks day and Friday is wear red or blue.

Rigby Reading
Last week, we learned about personification and worked on creating questions to discuss stories. This week, we will focus on author's purpose and we will also continue with the students leading their own discussion groups. As we review skills, we will begin to look deeper to extend the kid's thinking of the story. We will focus on characterization, tone, foreshadowing/flashbacks and will look for symbolism throughout the different stories.

enVision Math
We will have math boot camp this week to review all the concepts for the math state assessments that will take place March 27-29. Please make sure your child is reviewing their math playbook.

We will focus on reference materials for our word study in Rigby. The words are brother, food, inside, left, atlas, sneeze, index, contents, data and source. The extension list focus will be trans (across, through). The words are transatlantic, transcontinental, transcribe, transect, transfer, translate, translucent, transparent, transpiration and transport.

Social Studies
We recently learned about responsible borrowing, credit, interest, capacity, character and collateral. The students learned about responsible lending. Is the person credit worthy to lend to? We will now focus on goods and services, spending, bartering, scarcity and opportunity costs. We will have our class store to reinforce these concepts and play a fun bartering game.
The students will determine what taxes pay for goods and who provides the services. We also determine if something is a want or need.
We ended our study of sound. Our last experiment, screaming balloons, focused on sound but also introduced our next concept, force and motion. The students learned about Newtons Three Laws of Motion and learned about centripetal force. Here is a short video demonstrating the concepts learned.

We will now focus on describing th motion of an object.

We will complete our published books this weeks. We will then begin looking at point of view and persuasive writing. The students will write their own persuasive writing piece.

Have a fantastic week!

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