Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Monday, April 15, 2013

Curriculum Update April 15-19

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend.

In your child's Monday folder, you will see information about the third grade science fair. Everything is broken into different sections where the entire project isn't being done at once. Everything is in the packet, but here are the due dates:
Wednesday, April 17- Parent signature stating you and your child have reviewed the packet
Friday, April 19- Topic/Purpose due
Wednesday, April 24- Educated Guess due
Monday, April 29- Process due
Friday, May 3- Data from experiment due
Friday, May 3- Conclusion due
Monday, May 6- Pictures, titles, and everything typed due
Wednesday, May 8- Final project completed
Friday, May 10- Third Grade Science Fair- 2:15-3:30 pm, you are welcome to attend

Third grade will be going on a field trip to Ernie Miller Park on Wednesday, April 24. Please look for a permission slip in your child's Monday folder.

Please continue to send in donations for the 4th grade Ronald McDonald House and the PTA auction. Friday is Spirit Day. Third graders have been requested to wear yellow. Also, Friday we will go on our Earth Day Scavenger Hunt. Please make sure your child has a sack lunch.

Reading: We will will begin a reading project this week. The students will be working in cooperative groups to identify ways other countries recycle. Each group will have a country to research and will compare it with the United States. Mrs. Mugridge and I are in the process of setting up contacts for students to interview individuals in other countries. They will use various technology pieces to present their project.

Spelling: The Rigby list will focus on double consonants when adding the suffix -ion, ment, ness
List 1: action, addition, agreement, darkness, goodness, creation, artfulness, boldness, apartment, detachment
List 2: weakness, vacation, payment, opinion, movement, collection, establishment, environment, abandonment, derailment
List 3: hypo (under, below, less) hypoallergenic, hypocrisy, hypodermic, hypoglossal, hypoglycemia, hypotension, hypothesis, hypothyroidism

Writing: We will continue our poetry focus. Last week, we created simile and metaphor poems. This week, we will work on personification, onomatopoeia and idiom poems.

Math: We will continue our fraction unit. The students will identify equivalent fractions on the number line, use whole numbers and fractions, use fractions and use the problem solving strategy drawing a picture.

Science: We will begin learning about the various states of matter (liquid, gas, solid)

Have a fantastic week!

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