Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Monday, September 23, 2013

Curriculum Update September 23-25

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I look forward to seeing each of you at your child's parent conference on Wednesday or Thursday.

Writing: The students have completed their natural disaster survival guides. They are now in the process of editing their writing.

Grammar: We are continuing our same grammar focus from last week. We are still focusing on using adjectives in our writing for it to come more alive and using adverbs and identifying nouns to help our sentences have a subject and using correct capitalization and ending punctuation.

Math: We completed topic 2. This week, we are focusing on adding with an expanded algorithm, creating models for adding 3-digit numbers and adding 3-digit numbers.

Spelling/Vocabulary: The spelling and vocabulary tests will be on Friday, October 4.
Here is the link to all the games to practice. Spelling & Vocab Practice:
Vocabulary Practice:

rural: a community with open land, few businesses and buildings, few people
urban: a city with a lot of tall buildings, it is larger or more crowded than a town
suburban: a community outside of the city where people live in neighborhoods with individual houses or small apartments
occupation: a person's work or place of business, how they make a living
population: all of the inhabitants in a particular area, town or country
school: an institution where instruction is given
hero: distinguished courage or ability, admired for brave deeds
language: the method of communication, either written or spoken
nation: a large group of people who live in the same part of the world and share the same language, customs and government
diversity: variety
charity: the voluntary giving of help to those in need
vigilant: watchful and alert

ELA/Social Studies: We will begin learning about our community. The focus questions are: Why do people choose to live in our community? What are your rights and responsibilities as a citizen of your community? How do different customs and cultural traditions shape your community? How has your community changed over time? What drives shifts in population in your community?

We will be reading about what makes a community. We will use research to make inferences and analyze our own community seeing how it has changed over time.

Have a fantastic week!

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