Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Curriculum Update October 22-25

I hope everyone had a wonderful, long weekend with your children!

This week, we are going on our community walk on Thursday. We will be stopping at McDonald's on the way back. It is optional if you want to give your child money. It is only for a snack. We will leave after lunch.

Grammar: We are working on possessives this week and continuing to recognize what words to capitalize in titles.

Math: We are working on the meaning of multiplication. We will have a test this week and begin our multiplication facts.

Writing: We are beginning our postcard writing project this week. Also, we are working beginning our opinion paper on Shawnee's past having an impact on Shawnee today.

Spelling/Vocab: There is no new spelling or vocabulary this week.

Reading/SS: We are continuing to learn about the past and present of Kansas and Shawnee. We are working on using text features and search tools to locate information. Students will continue their project-based learning research answering the following driving question? How does Shawnee's past play a part in Shawnee today?

Have a fantastic week!

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