Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Division Animoto Projects

We have been studying division. To apply what they learned, each student chose a theme. They researched the cost of items in the theme and rounded the cost to the nearest dollar. Next, they decided how many people would share the item and determined the cost each person would pay. Finally, the students found pictures and created their division Animoto video.

Chloe Candy Division Project
Oliver's Soccer Division Project
Natalie's Horse Division Project
Division Sharing Max Project
Lucas's MLS Division Sharing Project
Ryan's Skylander Division Sharing Project
Sam's Division Sharing Project
Cassie's Scottish Division Sharing Project
Dylan's Gymnastic Division Sharing Project
Jane's Softball Project
Madeline's Sleepover Division Project
Libby's Division Sharing Project
Nick's Division Video
Jayda's Division Sports Project
Jack G.'s Division Sharing Project
Rodolfo's Candy land Division Project
Alex's Division Math Project
Sofia's Basketball Division Project
Bryce's Baseball Hat Division Project
Jack W.'s Car Division Project

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