Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Curriculum Update February 18-21

Welcome back for another week! It sure is nice to have warmer weather in the forecast. Please remember our third grade international festival is on Feb.26th.

ELA/SSWe are beginning our government unit this week. The students will answer the following questions:
What are the consequences of choosing to be an active member of your community?
Why do communities need laws/rules?
Who in your community decides what rules/laws are made and followed?
Can laws in your community be changed?
What makes someone a good citizen in your community?

We will reading about individuals that have been good citizens to their community and discuss what character traits they have that makes them a good citizen.

We will also continue our Pay it Forward project where we work on displaying random kindness without receiving anything in return.

We begin our geometric city project this week. The students will work in groups to create a blue print of a city they are creating. They will also write a proposal for their city.

The tests will be on Friday, February 28. The words are:
point: an exact position
line: a set of points that is endless in two directions
line segment:a part of a line with two endpoints
intersecting lines: lines that cross at one point
parallel lines: lines that never cross
angle: formed by two rays with the same endpoint
vertex: the endpoint formed by two rays
right angle: an angle that make a square corner
perpendicular: when two lines, line segments, or rays make a right angle
acute angle: an angle that is open less than a right angle
obtuse angle: an angle that is open more than a right angle
polygon: a closed shape made up of line segments
side: each line segmenting that makes up a polygon
diagonal: a line segment that connects two vertices that are not next to each other

Vocabulary Games
Spelling Games

The students will be writing their pen pals back in Illinois, Michigan and Georgia this week along with writing their city proposal.

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