Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Monday, April 28, 2014

Curriculum Update April 28 - May 2

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We are taking MAP testing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week. On Tuesday, we will be presenting our published books to the soldiers at 10:15.

This week, we will be busy with science week. The third grade will be broken into teams to work on all types of science experiments. Thank you so much for volunteering your time and sending in so many supplies to enable us to have a successful science week. The students will conduct write and practice each step of the scientific method as they conduct each experiment.

This will be our last spelling/vocabulary list of the school year. The tests will be on May 9th. Here are the words:
scientist: an expert in science, especially one of the physical or natural sciences
magnetic: capable of being magnetized or attracted by a magnet
position: the proper, appropriate, or usual place
density: the mass per unit volume
temperature: a measure of warmth or coldness
identify: to determine to what group (a given specimen) belongs
investigation: the act or process of investigating or a detailed inquiry or systematic examination
experiment: a test, trial, or tentative procedure; an act of operation for the purpose of discovering something unknown
conclusion: the end or close; final part
hypothesis: a suggested explanation for a group of facts, or an educated guess
observation: the act of observing and recording something
repetition: the act of repeating, repeated action
procedure: a series of steps followed in a regular order
measure: to mark, lay out, or establish dimensions for by measuring
evidence: something helpful in forming a conclusion or giving proof

Have a fantastic week!

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