Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Video Game Design on Sploder

The students designed their own video game on Sploder. They created a game with at least three levels, then they went on Schoology and summarized their game and listed all their problem solving strategies. They also had to say what was the best things about their game and what they would do differently next time. Next, the students played another student's game. They had to rate the game 1-5 and cite evidence (at least three examples) of why they rated it the way they did and whether they would purchase it in the store. They also had to list one positive thing about the game and one suggestion.

Blake P. :  Escape
Olivia: The Fun Fun Game
Alaina: Mission
Hannah: Enemies Game
Bella: Powerful
Kenzie: The Key
Alli: Alli's Death Zone
Kate: Kate's Miner
Luke: Ninja Apocalypse
Rachel: Rachel's Crystal World
Caroline: The Real Awesome Game
Reagan: Rockstar Madness
Corbin: Impossible
Preston: Survivor
Sydney: The Impossible
Emma: The Crystal Mine
Nick: Jailbreak
Andrew: Underground Liar
Peyton: Peyton's Horror Land
Will: Ground Liar
Blake N.: The Viper of Doom
Lincoln: The Death Valley

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