Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Saturday, February 20, 2016

1st Grade I'd Like to Be ELA Project

If you guide the kids, they can achieve the expectations. In a recent project, this group of 1st graders read a book and discussed it. We talked about the main idea, theme and what a moral means. Students then had to rewrite the story identifying things they would like to be. They chose five to eight things, then followed the short five line format that Katalina Page used in I'd Like to Be. Students then learned about Copyright, using the Google Advanced Search to select images. They made iMovies, then they memorized one of their writings and chose an image to use when they recited it on the green screen. Next, students had to think of things they would need in place to help them achieve their goals. Finally, they presented their project to the Kansas Commissioner of Education, Dr. Randy Watson, the entire 1st grade, district admin, teachers, principal and their parents. The students did a wonderful job. Here is a website of their final project.
I'd Like to Be

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