Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Friday, October 7, 2011

October 10-14

Curriculum October 10-14
Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy this beautiful weather, once again! Hopefully the rain will hold out.  Please remember that there is no school on Friday.  Parent-teacher conferences are the following week on October 19-20.  If you scheduled a time, you should have already received your conference time confirmation.

enVision Math
We completed Topic 4. We will review Topic 4 on Monday and take the test on Tuesday. The Topic 4 readiness practice test is available for your child to practice.  We will begin Topic 5 on Wednesday.  We will begin the multiplication facts focusing on 2 and 5 on Wednesday and 9 on Thursday.

The timed addition test will be on Wednesday.  In order to receive a plus on the report card, your child needs to score an eighty percent or higher in four minutes.  For subtraction it is five minutes. This will take place on Thursday.

Rigby Reading
We will continue with synthesizing and inferring this week.  This week, the kids completed synthesizing posters for Hispanic Heritage Month and created a synthesizing art project retelling Electrified that we read in our Rigby books.
Grammar- The focus will continue to be on capitalization and punctuation.

The Rigby words this week are bus, can't, eat, feet, owner, delight, flown, moan, oath, and brief.
The extension list focus is tri-three.
The words are triangle, triathlon, triceratops, tricycle, trilateral, trilingual, trilogy, trio, tripod, and trisect.

Please remember that the Blazing Insulated House project is due Monday, October 24.

Social Studies
We began a unit on geography. The kids learned about the continents and oceans.  They also made their own map working on directions.  Beginning Monday, the kids will receive a state and a state packet project.  For the next three weeks, we will be working on a state research project here at school.  The culminating event is a Tourism Day on October 27.

We will continue to work on descriptive writing this week.  We did mini-lessons on word pictures and showing vs. telling.  There will now be a stronger focus on voice using figurative language.  The kids will write from the point of view of one of the living organisms in class to work on voice.  Then, we will take our writing and turn use it for a technology project.

Have a wonderful week!

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