Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 24-28

Curriculum October 24-28
It has been a pleasure meeting with each of you about your child's progress. I really enjoy how each of you are so involved in your child's education.  Without your partnership, success would not happen.
A special thank to Lisa VanInwegen who has planned our Halloween party on Friday, October 28. Also, thank to each of you for volunteering to send in the necessary supplies to enable the party to be a success.

On Wednesday, October 26, the third grade will have their Tourism Day. You are welcome to attend.  It will run from 1:00-3:30.  You can stop by and see how your child has become "An Expert" on their state.

Last Monday, Colli Lawyer began student teaching in our classroom. Many of you probably have met her before. She previously was a para at Prairie Ridge and has worked with many of your children.  She will be with us through December.

enVision Math
We will complete Topic Five this week.  On Monday, the students will use problem solving to begin designing their own video game.  Tuesday, we will complete 5-7 (Two Question Problem-Solving). Wednesday will be the test review, Thursday will be the Topic Five test, and Friday we will work more on our video games.

Rigby Reading
We will continue Theme 5 "Times Have Changed" in Rigby. The comprehension strategies we will continue to focus on are monitor understanding and reviewing synthesizing.

The Rigby Spelling list will focus on the ou, ow, oy, and oi patterns.  The Rigby list is first, fish, live, pick, pouch, allow, ounce, growl, proud, and mountain.
The extension list focus is quad (four). The extension words are quadrangle, quadrant, quadrennial, quadriceps, quadrilateral, quadrilingual, quadrisect, quadruped, quadruple, and quadruplet.

Please remember that the Blazing Insulated House project is due Monday, October 24.

Social Studies
We will continue our geography unit where the students have began doing research on an assigned state.  The culminating Tourism Day is on Wednesday from 12:30-3:30.

We will continue our focus on descriptive writing this week.  The students will complete their monster writing and begin working on a hands-on comparison/contrast descriptive piece.

Have a wonderful week!

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