Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Monday, April 9, 2012

Curriculum Update April 10-13

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. It was nice to have beautiful weather.

We are down to our final weeks, but still have a lot of learning to take place. Please look for information about science fair in your child's Monday folder.

Our last reading program of the year will begin on April 10. It will be our Pawsome Reader program For every 500 minutes read, we will earn a paw. The class with the most paws in each grade level will earn a reward at the end of the program on May 13.

April 13 will be our electronics party
April 20 is twin/triplet day

Rigby Reading
We will continue to review inferring. This is when you need to read between the lines and figure out what the author is implying. As we infer, we are continuing to look for signs of symbolism within the story.

enVision Math
We will take our Topic 9 math test on Tuesday. We will take the multiplication test as well as the performance assessment. The kids have done a great job with fractions. I began exposing them reducing fractions, finding the greatest common factor, and adding fractions last week. Although the sheets were optional, it was nice to see how many students completed these extra things for homework. This week in enVision, we will begin working on using models to compare fractions with the same numerator and denominator, comparing numbers using benchmarks and the number line, and finding equivalent fractions.

The Rigby focus this week is the prefix un (not). The words are move, place, sat, under, unable, unbuckle, uneasy, unwilling, unkind, and unusual. The extension word focus is re (again, back). The words are recheck, reclosable, reelect, refund, reimburse, remember, renew, repeat, respond, revive.

We will continue our unit on matter. We will learn about solids, liquids, gas, density, and mass. Last week, we learned how a liquid can form a gas as we mixed baking soda and vinegar in a plastic bag.

Last week, we began working on persuasive writing and poetry. The kids did a great job with their persuasive fraction writing and advertisements. They were very creative.

We will continue learning about different types of poetry and writing our own poems.

The students wrote their letters to the children in Hong Kong. This will be the first letters these students have ever received outside of their country. Their teacher said they are VERY excited!

Have a fantastic week! :)

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