Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Curriculum Update April 2-6

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We definitely had beautiful weather.

Your child was told their preliminary math state assessment score on Friday. When we had our class store, the children bought an electronics party. Many requested we don't have it this Friday because they had given up different electronics for lent. We will have it after Easter the following Friday, April 13.

Rigby Reading
We will review inferring. This is when you need to read between the lines and figure out what the author is implying. The grammar focus will be on adjectives.

enVision Math
We will begin fractions this week. We will work on dividing regions into equal parts, fractions and regions, fractions and sets, fraction parts of sets, and locating fractions on the number line.

The Rigby words this week are love, paper, sister, sun, awful, drowsy, hazy, famous, salty, and curious. The extension focus is mis (bad or badly, wrong). The words are misbehave, mischievous, miserable, misfortune, misjudge, mislead, misspell, mistake, mistreat, misunderstood.

Social Studies
We had a great time on our goods and services walk. That culminated our economics unit.

The students have continued to stretch their minds in this force and motion unit. Last week, we made alka-seltzer rockets to learn how mixing chemicals can create a force. On Friday, we learned about air resistance. We learned how gravity pulls the object down to the ground. The opposing force is air resistance. The kids made different sized parachutes and predicted which one would have enough air resistance to pull an egg to its terminal speed. We had a couple of eggs survive. A special thank you to Mr. Rex for helping the kids get to the roof of the school.

This week, we will culminate our force and motion unit by applying everything we learned to create a roller coaster. Then, we will begin the stages of matter.
We will be working on persuasive writing and poetry. We received letters from our Pennsylvania and Georgia pen pals. We will write them back this week. We have also been asked to write to a class of students in Hong Kong who have never received a letter before. We will work on all of these letters this week.

Have a fantastic week! :)

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