Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Curriculum Update October 29-November 2

I hope everyone had a wonderful and enjoyable weekend.
Some key highlights this week are:
-The Halloween party will be on Wednesday. The parade will begin at 2:45 pm. Please remember no makeup is allowed. If you are setting up for the party, the desired time is no earlier than 2:30 pm. Thanks!
-Prairie Ridge needs your support for the Clorox Power a Bright Future grant. We are trying to win $50,000 to improve our technology. We won't be able to do it without your support. Please look for more information about ways you can help. We will really need you and all of your friends to vote twice a day through texts and online. THANKS A LOT!!!

We will begin Theme 14, "Every Vote Counts" in Rigby this week. The comprehension strategy is creating images. The vocab words are encourage, protest, speech, civic and crowd. Our grammar focus will be on adverbs.

The spelling lists for this week is a study of the suffix ly.
list 1: ahead, neatly, badly, outside, enough, soon, gladly, worse, nearby, quickly
list 2: often, tomorrow, hourly, exactly, easily, aloud, nowhere, patiently, sincerely, seldom
list 3: co, com (together, with) coexist, cohesive, coincidence, combine, commiserate, committee, communication, community, compare, compatible

We will continue to work on our descriptive writing this week. The students are working on writing from the point of view of one of the animals in the classroom. They have to be very descriptive about how they feel about being in a cage in the classroom.

The students will write to their Texas pen pals this week and write a persuasive letter to their favorite meteorologist. 

We will take the Topic 12 test on Monday. We will begin multiplication on Tuesday. We will work on multiplication as repeated addition, arrays and multiplication, the commutative property, and writing multiplication stories.

We will continue our unit on government. Last week, the students completed their government trees. This week, will be talking about elections and campaigns. We will have a class election on Wednesday from students nominated by their peers as role models in the classrooms. They other students will work on their campaign. On November 6, we will have our third grade class president election.
Here are photos of the students with their Three Branches of Government trees.


We completed our stars constellation projects. We will now begin learning about different types of weather and studying weather patterns throughout the week.
Here are our star constellation projects. When the lights are off, they glow in the dark.
Have a fantastic week!

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