Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Class Election!!!

We have been studying about government in Social Studies. The students have learned about elections, ballots, campaigns, speeches, protests and candidates. The class selected four students as candidates for our classroom president. The rest of the class was broken into campaign teams, making signs and other promotional items for their candidate. On October 31, we had our class election.
Congratulations to Bridget and Kate, class representatives, Carson, Vice President and Kylee, President. Good luck to Kylee as she runs for the third grade class president on November 6.
Kate (third from left) with her campaign team, Aiden, Jack D., Paiten, Mary

Carson (third from left) posing with his campaign team, Jack De., Gabrielle, Noah, Caleb
Bridget (third from left) posing with her campaign team, Aidan, Alec, Lauren, Jack B.
Kylee (third from left) posing with her campaign team, Zach, Macayla, Meredith, Ben, Evan

Class Candidates
Kate-Class Representative
Kylee-Class President
Bridget-Class Representative
Carson-Class Vice President

Carson's Speech 
 Kate's Speech
Bridget's Speech
Kylee's Speech

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