Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Monday, November 5, 2012

Curriculum Update November 5-9

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I can't believe we are already in November!

Thank you to everyone for sending in candy and stuffed animals for the troops. We were able to send letters, cards, candy, beanie babies, stuffed animals, and USA magnets to the troops. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Please remember the Clorox Power a Bright Future grant voting begins on Monday. Please text and go online and vote each day. When voting online, you can go to You have to register the first time. You can text pabf7339 to 95248 each day too.

We will be recreating and acting out one of our Rigby stories at Mill Valley High School on Monday. A permission slip will be coming home in your child's Monday folder. Please make sure they bring a sack lunch this day because we will be missing lunch.

We will continuing week 2, Theme 14, "Every Vote Counts" in Rigby this week. The comprehension strategy is still creating images. The vocab words are announce, opportunity, approximate, approve, and deadline. Our grammar focus will still be on adverbs.

The spelling lists for this week is a study of the suffixes ful, able, less.
list 1: breakable, mouthful, careless, painless, readable, tireless, colorful, fearless, comfortable, helpful
list 2: respectful, worthless, wasteful, peaceful, restless, heartless, excitable, likeable, delightful, breathless
list 3: contra, counter (against, opposite) contraband, contradict, contrarian, contrary, contrast, counterbalance, counterclockwise, counterexample, counterfeit, counterintuitive

We will publish our descriptive writing pieces and personal experience writing, focusing on description and dialogue.
We will also write back to our Derrick Thomas Academy pen pals. 
We will complete topic 4, focusing on problem solving, writing to explain Monday, test review Tuesday, test on Wednesday, and beginning topic , 2 & 5 as factors and 9 as a factor on Thursday and Friday.

We will continue our government unit. The students will learn more about the election process. Kylee will represent our class in the third grade class election on Tuesday.
In Science, we learned about different types of weather last week. The students watched a video about things they could do to stay safe in a tornado, tsunami, flash flood, lightning strike, or extreme weather.
The students also learned about different types of clouds. After learning about them, we created a cloud in bottle by mixing hot water, a match, and ice cubes.
We will continue learning about the effects of different types of weather this week.
Students are watching the cloud being formed. They also learned about condensation and fog.

Have a fantastic week!

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