Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Monday, November 12, 2012

Curriculum Update November 12-16

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Please remember theClorox Power a Bright Future grant voting begins on Monday. Please text and go online and vote each day. When voting online, you can go to You have to register the first time. You can text 1044pbf to 95248 each day too.

Please also remember we will be going to Mill Valley on Tuesday to film our reading movie. The kids will need a sack lunch.

We will begin Theme 6, "Roads to Travel On" this week. The comprehension skill is creating images and reviewing monitor understanding. The vocabulary words this week are frontier, transit, elegant, technology, construction, agriculture, explore, fuel, adventure, and aviation.

The spelling lists for this week is a study of the silent consonants w, h, b, g, gh
list 1: wrist, thumb, wrong, ghost, honest, comb, plumber, honor, bright, eight
list 2: daughter, weigh, crumb, subtle, drought, sleigh, doubt, through, written, rhyme
list 3: sub (under, below) subconscious, subcutaneous, subdue, subfreezing, subirrigate, subject, submarine, submerge, subordinate, subway.

We are working on personal narratives with quotations. We will also write back to our Kentucky pen pals.

We continue our multiplication facts: using patterns this week. We will multiply with 0, 1, 10, look at patterns for facts, multiplying by multiples of 10, and answering two-question problems in problem solving.
We will also complete our video games, blog about them with the focus on (steps used for problem solving, summarizing game, evaluating game, inferring and talking about how to take it further when developing the next game)

We will begin our geography unit. The students each have a state they are doing research on. They also are learning about different types of maps, continents, oceans, lines on a map, how to create a map, features, map keys and symbols. On November 30, they will have a tourism day culminating everything they have learned.

Have a fantastic week!

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