Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Student Created Video Games

The students have been working on designing their own video games on Sploder. The purpose of the project is to integrate writing, math, reading, and creativity. The students had to blog about their video games, explaining their thought process behind their initial design. They had to talk about the problem solving skills they used and the goals behind their video game. Next, they had to play another students' game with the purpose of evaluating their game and making inferences from different levels. Afterwards, they had to read the evaluation, then talk about what they would change and implement for their next video game design.

When I return from maternity leave in February, we will continue with this project.

Aidan S.(The Zoo you don't want to go to):
Lauren: (Score)
Alec: (Mission Impossible .6666)
Bridget: (The Dark Knight Rises)
Kylee: (Help Me!)
Paiten: (Monster Infested)
Macayla: (Vampire Bats)
Carson: (Beasts)
Jack De.: (Masters)
Evan: (Monsters)
Zach: (Unbeatable Robots)
Kate: (The Awesome Game)
Jack B.: (Pass the Missions)
Noah: (Mission 864)
Meredith: (Superman)
Khalel: (Superman Next Generation)
Ben: (The Awesome Defeat)
Gabrielle: (Mission Accomplished 116)
Jack Da.: (The Return of the Samurai)
Aiden L. (Battle)
Mary: (Dark Awesomeness)
Caleb: (Get Me Out of this World)

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