Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Curriculum Update January 21-24

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.


The students will continue their international festival research. They have written questions that will help guide them in answering the driving question, "How does your heritage impact who you are today?"
The students will learn how to use a map scale and cardinal directions to draw their own map.

We will begin topic 10 in math this week. They will use models to compare fractions using the same denominator and numerator and compare fractions using benchmarks.

Our tests will be on January 24.
cardinal directions: the main directions north, south, east and west
compass rose: a drawing on a map that shows directions to help people use the map
map scale: a part of a map that compares a distance on the map to a distance in the real world
equator: an imaginary line that is halfway between North Pole and the South Pole
globe: a model of our planet
grid: lines that cross the map both across and up and down
hemisphere: half of Earth
intermediate directions: the in between directions that give more exact information about location such as northwest, northeast, southwest, and southwest
location: where something is found
map: a picture that shows the location of things
map key: a box on map in which symbols are explained
north pole: the place that is farthest north on Earth
oceans: very large bodies of water
south pole: the place that is farthest south on Earth
symbol: a picture that stands for the real thing
Vocabulary game link: Vocabulary Game
Spelling game link:
Spelling game
Have a fantastic week!

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