Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Monday, January 16, 2012

Curriculum Update January 17-20

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.  It was another weekend of wonderful weather. 
We have begun preparing the reading Kansas State Assessment.  Your child will receive a reading literacy study guide on Tuesday.  This should be studied as part of homework each night and brought back to school each day to look over.  Also, I created some a reading video game out of the study guide and some prefix/suffix matching and quizzes.  They can be found on my class homepage at  They are under useful links.  Here are the links to each one.
prefix/suffix matching
prefix/suffix quiz
reading state assessment video game

One important change is the due date of the international festival research paper.  It is due Wednesday, February 15 due to not being in school on the February 16 and 17.
enVision Math
We completed time last week. In your spare time, please ask your child what time it is, how to say it in another way, how many minutes it is until the next hour.  This will be great reinforcement for them.  For the next two weeks, we won't be using enVision.  We will be working on figuring out data (min, max, range, median, mode) and probability (chance something will happen).  This week, we will focus on data.  We will use the estimation jar, take surveys, and use our KC Chiefs prediction outcomes to work on data.  Please look for homework reinforcing these concepts each night.
Rigby Reading
We will continue Theme 7, Week 2.  The comprehension strategies will be fix-up (this is focusing on what you should do when you are stuck on a word) and creating mental images (movie in your head).

The word study focus is multiple meaning words.  The Rigby words are best, care, woman, work, bowl, jerky, prune, stern, palm, and flounder.  The extension list prefix focus is un (not, non).  The words are uncertain, uncommon, unconscious, undecided, unexpected, unmistakable, unnecessary, untidy, unwise, unworthy.
Social Studies
We will continue our study of celebrations of cultures looking at traditions, holidays, education, foods, sports, and languages.  Our third grade international festival will be on February 23.
We will continue researching our ancestor's culture and country they originated from.
The first three groups completed their interviews for our documentary.  They interviewed Dr. Sumner, the PRE lunch ladies, and Mr. Rex. On Friday, the Kansas Commissioner of Education, Dr. Diane DeBacker will be coming to participate in the documentary.  They will also interview Mrs. Vaughan.  Thank you to the two Mill Valley students that are helping them with this project.
Have a wonderful week! :)

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