Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Friday, January 20, 2012

Curriculum Update January 23-27

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Please remember that the literacy playbook or games should be played each night in review for the Kansas Reading State Assessment. This should be studied as part of homework each night and brought back to school each day to look over.  Just a reminder, the links to the study guide and some prefix/suffix matching and quizzes can be found on my class homepage at  They are under useful links.  Here are the links to each one as well.
prefix/suffix matching
prefix/suffix quiz
reading state assessment video game

enVision Math
We focused on analyzing data this week (mode, median, max, min, and range).  This week, we will work on probability and take a test on both concepts Friday, January 27.
Rigby Reading
We will begin Theme 1, Week 1 in Rigby.  We will focus on determining importance (we will identify the main idea and details) and reviewing fix-up strategies.

The word study focus this week is homophones.  The Rigby words this week are better, clean, done, end, maul, mall, paws, pause, principal, and principle.  The extension list focus is dis (not, none).  The words are disadvantage, disagreement, disappoint, discontinue, dismal, disobedient, disorganized, disposable, disrespectful, and disturb.
Social Studies
We will continue our study of celebrations of cultures looking at traditions, holidays, education, foods, sports, and languages.  We will our rough draft this week. Our third grade international festival will be on February 23.
We will begin our rough draft on our ancestor's culture and country they originated from.
Have a wonderful week! :)

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