Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Friday, January 27, 2012

Curriculum Update January 30-February 3

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend. Thank you for going over the study packets with your child at night or allowing them to play the games on the computer to review for the state test. In playing the kinesthetic games in class, I can really tell that they have been studying.

For the upcoming PTA auction, our class is in charge of bringing things in for going on a road trip. Some sample items are snacks, crossword puzzles, and hand-held games.
The 5th grade is sponsoring another spirit day on February 24.  It will be pajama day.

enVision Math
We completed our unit on probability and statistics. We will be going back to enVision this week beginning division. Our topics this week will be division as sharing, division as repeated subtraction, finding missing numbers in a multiplication table, problem solving-choose and appropriate equation, and writing division stories.

Rigby Reading
We will continue with Theme 2, Week 2 in Rigby. We will continue to focus on determining importance (we will identify the main idea and details) and reviewing fix-up strategies.  We will begin to focus on character traits (personality, physical and actions of a character)

The word study focus this week is word endings -ed, -ing, and -s. The Rigby list is blue, close, fall, girl, buzzes, grabbed, jumped, pages, roasted, and addresses. The extension list is inter (between, among). The words are interactive, interfere, interject, intermission, international, Internet, interpersonal, interpreter, interrupt, and interstate.

Social Studies/Writing
We will continue our study of celebrations of cultures looking at traditions, holidays, education, foods, sports, and languages. We are ahead of schedule. Please assist your child in editing/revising their rough draft week. Many of the students are now on typing. I would like all of the kids to be working on this stage of their research paper.

We will complete our title page at school. I also am going to go over with them the format for the bibliography. We will be using this citation website to complete our bibliography.

We began our pen pal partnership with Derrick Thomas Academy this week. Our hopes are that the children will be able to meet in the Spring.

Thank you and have a wonderful week!

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