Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Monday, November 11, 2013

Curriculum Update November 11-15

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We definitely had some nice weather!

Please remember we will be going back to Mill Valley on Friday to film two of our scenes again. We should only be gone from 12:55-1:30.

Here is the curriculum for the week.

ELA/Science: We will continue our force and interactions unit. The overall guiding question will be, "How do you know forces are acting on an object?" We will be conducting investigations to better understand how unbalanced and balanced forces impact motion. We will continue identifying the main idea of a text by recounting the details and explaining how they support the main idea. We will be continue using active reading behaviors to accomplish this.

Spelling/Vocabulary: The tests will be on Friday. The words are:

force: a push or a pull
motion: a change in place or position
friction: a force caused by two objects rubbing against each other
distance: a measure of how far and object moves
measure: to find out how much there is of something
speed: a measure of how fast and object is moving
time: a measure of how fast it takes an object to move a certain distance
relative position: the position of one object compared to the position of other objects
gravity: a force that pulls objects down
pendulum: an object that swings rhythmically back and forth
inertia: state of being at rest or in motion until acted on
exert: to apply effort or force
accelerate: to speed up or cause to move faster
mass: amount of matter (substance) in an object
momentum: the force or speed of movement

Spelling games for this list are:
Vocabulary games for this list are:

Math: We will continue working on multiplication facts this week and learning how to multiply with combinations, multiplying 3 factors and using problem-solving for multi-step problems. We will be completing our multiplication website. The students are also creating their own video games to work on problem-solving and critical thinking, while also incorporating summarizing and citing evidence.

WritingOur New Zealand friends are completing our bouncing stories with a creative ending. It has been so much fun seeing the children work together across continents. We will being our multiplication opinion piece this week and learn how to address post cards. The students will also write their initial letters to Taiwan and write our Georgia and Illinois pen pals back.

Have a fantastic week!

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