Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Monday, November 4, 2013

Curriculum Update November 4-8

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

A special thank you to each of you for sending in all the items for our fall party and for organizing it. The kids had a wonderful time!

PTO Bingo night has been postponed. Please see the message below.

The Prairie Ridge PTO feels it is important to support all schools in our area and we know our families feel the same. We are postponing PTO Family Bingo Night, originally scheduled for this Friday, so it does not conflict with community members' ability to attend the MVHS Jaguar football team’s Regional Play-off game that same night. We encourage our entire PRE community to support the MVHS Jaguars. More details regarding the new date for Bingo Night will be announced soon. GO JAGUARS!!!

Thanksgiving lunch will be on Wednesday, November 20. Please RSVP by Monday, November 18 if you would like to eat lunch. You may call 913-667-1800.

We will walk over to MVHS to film our reading movie on Tuesday. The kids did a wonderful job of writing their scripts.

ELA/Science: We will finally begin our force and interactions unit this week. The overall guiding question will be, "How do you know forces are acting on an object?" We will be conducting investigations to better understand how unbalanced and balanced forces impact motion. Our reading strategy this week will be identifying the main idea of a text by recounting the details and explaining how they support the main idea. We will be using active reading behaviors to accomplish this.

Spelling/Vocabulary: The tests will be on Friday, November 15. The words for the next two weeks are:

force: a push or a pull
motion: a change in place or position
friction: a force caused by two objects rubbing against each other
distance: a measure of how far and object moves
measure: to find out how much there is of something
speed: a measure of how fast and object is moving
time: a measure of how fast it takes an object to move a certain distance
relative position: the position of one object compared to the position of other objects
gravity: a force that pulls objects down
pendulum: an object that swings rhythmically back and forth
inertia: state of being at rest or in motion until acted on
exert: to apply effort or force
accelerate: to speed up or cause to move faster
mass: amount of matter (substance) in an object
momentum: the force or speed of movement

Spelling games for this list are:
Vocabulary games for this list are:

Math: We will be working on our multiplication facts and the distributive property this week. We will focus on the factors 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8. We will also be doing a multiplication math project where the students will be the teacher of multiplication for 2nd graders.

Writing: We are in the process of writing our bouncing stories with a third grade class in New Zealand. The students wrote two pages, then New Zealand wrote two, now we are writing two more. We will also be writing multiplication opinion piece and writing our pen pals in Taiwan, California and Michigan.

Have a fantastic week!

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