Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Monday, September 19, 2011

Curriculum September 19-23

I hope that everyone had a great weekend. It looks like the weather will b much better this week for our solar cookers. We will go on our community walk on Thursday at 1:15 pm.

enVision Math
We will add with an expanded algorithm, look at models for adding 3-digit numbers, add 3-digit numbers, add 3 or more numbers, and draw a picture for problem solving.

Rigby Reading
We will begin Theme 3 in Rigby this week. We will review asking questions and work on inferring. The students will be expected to read between the lines of what the author is implying in his or her writing.

Grammar- The focus will be on subjects and predicates.

The Rigby words this week are ball, day, up, what, alone, quote, polite, surprise, entire, and plague.
The focus of the extension list is poly-many.
polychromatic, polyclinical, polydactyle, polyglot, polygon, polygraph, polyhedron, polymorphous, polysyllabic, and polytheism.

Last week, the students had to create their own science experiement with different solar cookers and lamps to simulate the sun. They were expected to use all steps of the scientific process in their experiement and raise their own questions that they wanted to discover. They were able to use foil, cheese, chocolate, candles, and black containers. They did a wonderful job of rising to the expectation of using their own inquiry to guide them through the lesson.

This week, we will have our solar cookout and begin looking at the moon and stars.

Social Studies
We will culminate our communities unit with a community walk. The students will walk throughout the community, while observing things that stand out to them. They will have to draw something from their community and discuss the importance of it. We will also go to McDonald's where the students can practice using real-world skills with money. In addition, we will begin our first month of our Pay it Forward initiative of the year.

We will publish our vacation papers this week and begin a mini-lesson on descriptive writing.

We will also begin using our e-pals e-mail addresses to write our e-pals in Germany back. The students received letters from Germany, Kentucky, and Georgia last week. They also wrote to their pen pals in Pennsylvania.

Have a great week!

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