Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Friday, September 30, 2011

October 3-7

Curriculum October 3-7

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy this beautiful weather!
enVision Math
We completed Topic 3.  We will begin Topic 4 on Monday.  The scores are posted on the enVision website.  If your child scored below a 80%, they will receive reteaching on Topic 3 and retake the test. 
 Beginning Monday, I will send home subtraction and addition fact sheets.  There will be 100 of them.  They are to practice at home, but do not need to be returned to school.  The time is four minutes for addition and five minutes for subtraction.  They need to have 80% of the problems correct to receive a + on addition and subtraction for the quarter.
In Math next week, we will work on mmultiplication as repeated addition, arrays and multiplication, the commutative property, and writing multiplication stories.

Rigby Reading
We will begin Theme 4 this week.  The focus will be on synthesizing and inferring.
Synthesizing: Think about it as a puzzle.  Take pieces from the story and put them together to form a new idea.  It is like creating a puzzle.
Inferring: This is reading between the lines.  It is not what the author has said, but instead what they have implied.
We will be using these skills with Hispanic Heritage Month.  We will be reading and discussing significant individuals in this culture. 

Grammar- The focus will be on capitalization and punctuation.

The Rigby words this week are an, book, teacher, two, afraid, explain, layer, crayon, eerie, and meant.
The extension focus is bi, which means two.
bicolor, bicuspid, bicycle, biennial, bifocals, bilingual, bimonthly, biped, biplane, and biweekly.
We completed a unit on phases of the moon and stars.  Don't forget that the sky observation project is due on Monday, October 3.  You should have received the Blazing Insulated House project guidelines on Monday.  This is due Monday, October 24.

Social Studies
We will begin a unit on geography.  The students will be learning about types of maps, continents, oceans, and states.  Please mark Thursday, October 27 on your calendar.  This will be our 3rd grade Tourism Day.  This will be a culmination of an at school project where the students will focus on a specific state.
We will continue mini-lessons on voice, showing vs. telling, and figurative language in writing.  This will lead to a descriptive project we are doing with a class in Ohio.
We will also continue to work on our pen pal letters and e-mails with e-pals.  This week, we received a class letter from a school in San Rafael, California and e-mails from a class in Rochester, New York.  The students now have pen pals and
 e-pals in Germany, California, Georgia, Iowa, Pennsylvania, New York, and Kentucky.  There has been a lot of excitement over the exchanges and some very interesting classroom discussions about the similarities and differences. 
The school in Kentucky is a rural school with a small population, while the schools in California, New York, and Pennsylvania are all urban areas.  The schools in Georgia and Iowa are suburban.  The kids were able to translate their
e-mails between German and English.
The class has completed their Power of the Pen list, so we will begin writing a lot more letters to individuals from that list next week.
Have a wonderful week! :)


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