Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Leggettville Community

Last week, the kiddos used milk cartons to create their own rural, suburban or urban community.  We went over the definition for each one, then they were in charge of using their creativity to create each community and community story.  They came up with the name "Leggettville" for their community. 

Please see the story below.

Leggettville started off as a small town in Western Kansas, very similar to Little River.  It had a bank, a school with a room large enough to hold the 20 students in K-8, a lot of land with few houses and very little people.  The farm grew many kinds of fruit.  The windmill provided wind power for the barn.  There were a lot of animals and very few visitors.

Over time, Leggettville changed.  The farms became replaced with signs that said, "We have a good home for you.  This place will blow your mind!"  Leggettville had swimming pools, a school and a tennis court.  The rooms in the houses were amazing.  The population increased so much that neighborhoods were established and friendships were formed.  It had everything that you possibly needed.  There was even an airport.

Now, Leggettville has more streets and tons of apartments.  It has an airport, a lot of gas stations, a really safe bank, and of course Adam's Fun Ride!!!  There are a lot of birds.  The houses are so big that they need cleaning services.  Leggettville always has planes taking off every hour.  It is known for Leggett Enterprises.  It is very tall! There are a lot of cars and taxis that make traffic crazy each day.  All you hear is, "Beep, beep, beep, GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!  You should come visit Leggettville!!!


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