Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Friday, September 7, 2012

Curriculum Update September 10-14

Have a great weekend! The kids worked hard and did a great job with MAP testing. Next week we will resume with our regular daily schedule. Please don't forget lap-a-thon is on Friday.

We will begin Theme 2, Life in Many Places in Rigby. The comprehension strategy focus will be asking questions. Your child should ask questions before, during and after reading which will continue to make them "think" about what they are reading.
The vocab words are: landform, breathe, anxiously, architecture, location
We will take the Topic 1 math test on Monday, which focused on numeration. We will began Topic 2: Number Sense: Addition and Subtraction on Tuesday. The lessons will cover addition meaning and properties, subtraction meanings, using mental math to add and using mental math to subtract.

We will continue our communities unit this week focusing on how their neighborhood relates to their city, county, state, country, continent and the world. We will begin learning about suburban, rural and urban communities.

We are continuing with our solar energy unit. We will focus on how the earth heats different earth materials and we will test the effectiveness of sun screen on different types of sun beads.

The Rigby spelling theme will focus on initial consonant blends.
List 1: credit, grand, detest, dragon, grease, quest, drizzle, sprinkle, prove, crowd
List 2: cricket, gravity, problem, grocery, broadcast, drowsy, crumble, creative, grammar, crooked
Extension List: The prefix is mono (one) monochrome, monocle, monolingual, monolith, monologue, monophobia, monopoly, monorail, monosyllabic, monotone

We completed our letters to our pen pals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey this week.

We will continue to focus on strong beginnings and using words that will best capture the reader's attention.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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