Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Monday, September 24, 2012

Voice Thread Communities

We have working on suburban, urban and rural communities.The students worked in pairs to create their own town. They then wrote a paragraph about the town they created. Their final part was creating a Voice Thread of their community. The actual communities can be seen outside of the classroom during parent teacher conferences.

Cruise City- By: Jack B. & Alec

Come to Starvil- By: Noah & Khalel

Sneese Weesevil- By: Lauren & Gabrielle

Ticket Town- By: Jack Davis & Caleb

Horse Vil- By: Paiten & Macayla

Sneetvil- By: Zach & Mary

Colorville- By: Kate & Meredith

Come to Random Place- By: Ben & Evan

Jackson Ville- By: Jack Dederickson & Carson

New Land- By: Kyleee & Bridget

Come to Boogie Town- By: Aiden L. & Aidan S.

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