Coach BLeggett

Coach BLeggett

Monday, September 24, 2012

Curriculum Update September 24-26

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. For those who are Chiefs fans and K-State fans, I know you had a fantastic weekend.

Please remember, there is no school on Thursday and Friday. You should have received parent teacher confirmation e-mails. If you have not, please let me know and I will let you know when your conference is. On Tuesday, we are taking our walking community field trip. Please make sure your child has money for McDonald's.

Our first school-wide reading program kicks off this week. The students will continue to use the reading lods they have been turning in each week. If they read at least 100 minutes for the week, they will have their reading log put in a weekly drawing for prizes. For every 1000 minutes the class reads, we are able to put a book in the fish bowl. Thanks for ensuring your child is reading each week.

Our class goes to the book fair on Monday. They are able to go all week and it will also be available on announcements.

This week, we will begin Theme 3, What is Light? The comprehension skill focus will be inferring. With inferring, students needs to be able to focus on what the text said and their prior knowledge to determine the author's meaning. For example, if the text said someone studied snowflakes each day, they could infer they like snowflakes or the person was fascinated with snowflakes.
The vocabulary words will be monitor, pattern, projected, beam and absorption.
We take the Topic 2 test on Tuesday. On Monday, we will review and Wednesday I will do some math activities on data with the students focusing on mode, median, maximum, minimum and range.

We will kick off our "Pay it Forward" project with our community walk. The students will be writing nice messages and attaching them to a red bandanna. The red bandanna will stand for 9-11 victim, Welles Crowther.
Throughout the unit, the students have began learning about the importance of citizenship. Each month, the students will perform an act of kindness to understand how they can make a difference as third grade students.

We will continue with our solar energy unit. The students will perform an investigation to discover if different colored water absorbs solar energy at different rates.

There is no spelling this week due to the short week. In class, we will still be working on long vowels.

We will complete our vacation stories this week. Many students are on the publishing phase, now just typing them on the computer.

Have a fantastic week!

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